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Help for individuals and couples who want to learn more about what healthy relationships are and how to create them in their lives.

We offer:

  • a series of three weekly group meetings and workshops throughout the year covering relationships with self, partner and family and friends.
  • Individual counseling for those wanting individualized help.
  • Couples counseling to strengthen your primary relationship as well as your relationships with family and friends.

We all grow up in families that have varying degrees of health. Some families have higher levels of dysfunction, while others may have only a few elements that they struggle with. As a result you may feel uncertain what healthy relationships look and feel like. Through our healthy relationship group series or individualized counseling we can help you move towards healthy communication and interactions as well as provide tools to help you navigate unhealthy or toxic interactions that come your way.

If you are seeking a greater sense of peace and ease for both yourself and your relationships, we can help move you towards achieving this goal. Our mission is to teach people how to create and maintain healthy relationships so that they can live happier lives.