The relationship health groups are a three part series.

Our first meeting focuses on the relationship you have with yourself, addressing themes related to:

  • Increasing your inner strength
  • How your past impacts your present
  • What personal healthy boundaries are and how they can increase your overall happiness
  • Learning the difference between selfishness, selflessness and self-care
  • The hierarchy of Loyalty and how it can keep you in balance in terms of all the relationships in your life
  • How to keep your side of the street clean, and other personal accountability tools

The second meeting focuses on the healthy relationship with a partner or spouse addressing themes related to:

  • Identifying the key elements of a healthy relationship
  • Discussion of scientific information describing what makes and breaks a relationship
  • Boundaries in a relationship and why they are important
  • Attachment and how it affects your relationship
  • How to stay grounded in the midst of chaos

The third meeting focuses on the relationships you have with family and friends addressing themes related to:

  • How to create and maintain healthy boundaries within families
  • The art of difficult conversations – how to speak in a way that others can hear you
  • Are you giving too much of yourself away to others
  • How to recognize this and find balance between yourself and others
  • Finding out if your values and the values of your family and friends match

Our intention is to give you a foundational understanding of healthy relationships and how to cultivate them into your life.

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